Press Release : Sage Multi-Core and System Dynamics

Customer Testimonials

We strive to make sure that our libraries are easy to use, and that our services are better than you expect them to be. It just makes sense - the happier you are with our services, the less we have to spend on finding new customers. Here are testimonials from some of our satisfied customers.


"Overall, we have been very pleased with our relationship with Highpoint. The quality of software, quality of services, and responsiveness have all been key success factors during the course of our project."

-- Adam Lalonde : Sr. Manager, Fortune 10 Pharmaceutical Corporation

"Mr. Bosch did a great job gathering requirements from the project stakeholders and in a very short time, turned out an innovative and powerful solution that made it very easy to explore the various design choices available to us."

-- Robert H. Binnie : Program Manager, Fortune 10 Conglomerate, Aerospace Division

"From clear and thorough communication to intuitive user interfaces to complete help files and documentation, your simulation solution was professional in every way. we were as pleased with the fit and finish as we were with the mathematical model itself. the simulation application was very useful in helping our staff and others understand and visualize the inherent variability in individual subject responses."

-- Dr. Thorir D. Bjornsson, M.D., Ph.D. : Director, Division of Clinical Pharmacology, Thomas Jefferson University

"[your engineer] was intensely focused on the technical aspects of the project, but also strove to understand and help tune our business reasons for the project. all in all, he turned out a very good product for a very reasonable cost."

-- Stephen Carrithers, Ph.D. : Thomas Jefferson University

"Highpoint's consultant came up to speed on a tough project quickly, delivered consistently and predictably, and gave us a work product that exceeded our expectations. He was easy to work with, and went the extra mile any time it was needed. We would not hesitate to use him again in a similar or larger role."

-- Juan Irming, Project Manager, $100B Financial Mutual Company

"Highpoint Software stepped up when our project faced very challenging performance issues in the broader application. Highpoint's consultant offered creative solutions to help us diagnose our situation effectively. With a detailed and methodical approach, he was able to rule out suspect after suspect until all the major performance bugs were found and removed. The beauty of the solution he offered is that the diagnosis tool can be used not only for the problems this project faced, but as a framework solution, it can be used to diagnose other performance issues in future deliverables within this software package as well as others."

-- kip Meierhofer, Lead Application Engineer, Fortune 100 Financial Services Company