Press Release : Sage Multi-Core and System Dynamics

Our Services

We draw an important distinction between simulation software and simulations. Simulations are all too often user-hostile and short-lived scratchpad analyses that answer a single question. SImulation software is building material from which you, or we, create infrastructure to answer a broad class of ongoing questions.

Our expertise is in both simulation and quality software engineering. Our focus is on using broadly available mainstream technologies to create simulation services, components and domain specific libraries for clients with applications that are not just simulations, but broad enterprise-critical decision support systems.

What We Do

bulletWe specialize in developing servers, components, domain specific libraries, simulations and simulation engines.

bulletWe have experience in the chemical manufacturing, aerospace, pharmaceutical, medical imaging, and many other arenas.

bulletWe have developed standalone applications, and have integrated decision support services into existing and evolving enterprise applications.

bulletWe provide turnkey solution delivery, technical leadership or risk mitigation.

bulletWe have a track record of delivering successful implementations.

bulletOur key associates are experienced leaders, technologists and modelers.

bulletWe can retire risk for you through proof-of-concept technology explorations.

Our Technology Bases

bulletWe are well-versed in both Microsoft & Java technologies (though Sage is a .NET library.)

bulletOur flagship framework is architected for .Net, and written in C# for performance and flexibility.

bulletKey associates have been working with Java since 1996 and with Microsoft development tools and techniques since 1991.

bulletHighpoint have been building simulations for more than a dozen years.

bulletMost key associates built their first models or simulations before 1993.

bulletWe have exposure to Modsim, Extend, Labview, Vensim and several other platforms.

bulletWe can assist you in technology evaluation and selection.

bulletOur labs include equipment and tools for developing and tuning high-performance applications for multiprocessor-based systems.