Press Release : Sage Multi-Core and System Dynamics

Our Framework

Business Rationale
Decision Makers Highpoint has developed a simulation framework called Sage® that allows enterprises to achieve deep integration of simulation based decision support into business processes. It is a proven and standards-based foundation for building enterprise-grade simulation servers and services. Coupled with best-of-breed software from other application service vendors such as Infragistics, Microsoft or Oracle, a customer can leverage commodity parts where there is no competitive advantage, and precisely tailor their application where there is.

Technical Rationale

Architecture Whiteboard Sage® is an object oriented modeling and simulation framework that is built on pure .net in c#. Built on modern and ubiquitous tools and technologies, it is a proven foundation for efficiently building flexible and robust simulation infrastructure. Using .net's integration technologies, Sage® makes it easy to integrate the components and servers, and accommodate the architecture, process and tools that you (not one of your vendors) decide is right for your project.