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sage simulation framework

the sage libraries are our flagship product. they contain a robust and powerful object oriented simulation framework, written to an open architecture in c# for .net. many vendors will tell you their products are object oriented, but if you don't have full visibility into them, you're still probably making compromises.

     sage features:

additional information:

core features

bulletexecutive - multiple types of events w/ and w/o synchronization.
bulletstate machine - table driven, two-phase commit.
bulletmodel - container for simulation object & services (many services - call...)

major subsystems

bulletresource framework - multidimensional resource taxonomy.
- simple implementation of multi-resource, multi-conditional acquisition/release.
- any object can be treated as a resource.
bulletblock and connector framework - move objects between ports.
- rich event model & sourcing/sinking.
- anything can be equipped with ports, and/or move on connectors.
bullettask graph/workflow subsystem - hierarchical (or arbitrary) task graphs with time cycle analysis.
bullet2.5 dimension spatial modeling - unconstrained point position, velocity, collision detection.
bulletcoming soon - conduits and channels - model roadways, movement paths, etc.

secondary features

bulletmulti-channel performance-tunable random subsystem w/ (replaceable) mersenne twister rng.
bulletdistributions (including full-custom) and post-run analysis tools.
bulletobject-to-table mapping engine - represent objects as tables, edit & update.
bulletsmartpropertybag - run-time programmable object hierarchies.
bulletclass-internal xml persistence mechanism - go beyond .net's xml persistence.
bulletmultiprocessor-aware subsystems that adapt to improve performance.

read our paper from the winter simulation conference - written april 2003.

...and much much more - please call to discuss.

some important features from .net

bulletsimple remoting.
bulletweb services & web applications.
bulletone-click deployment to pc's on the web.
bulletsimple deployment of apps to pocketpc.
bulletubiquitous user group - easy to find answers.
bullethigh productivity language.
bullethigh productivity development environment.
bulletsimple integration with many ms apps.
bulletsimple integration with windows.
bullethigh quality document generation.

why should i use a framework?

why should i use sage�?

what sort of project benefits from sage�?

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