Press Release : Sage Multi-Core and System Dynamics

Past Projects

What We Have Done

All of the following projects have been accomplished through our favored approach (and tried-and-true Object Oriented Design strategic pattern) of creating domain specific abstraction layers on top of the Sage® libraries, and then in some cases using Sage and the abstraction layer to create an application, a service, or a library for use by our customers.

  • Built several modeling and simulation engines for a multifaceted product lifecycle management application suite in use by the Active Ingredient Manufacturing division of a major parmaceutical company.
  • Provided support to a major military alliance for the construction of a theater-wide battlefield logistics planner.
  • For a global semiconductor consortium, designed and built a high performance Fab Operations Simulator.
  • For a major player in the System Dynamics tools field, designed an SD modeling engine and incorporated it into their commercial tool.
  • Designed and built a modeling tool, from the graphical engine and development environment to the underlying blocks, confuguration elements and runtime engine, for a world-class climate modeling organization.
  • Provided a startup venture with a custom module on top of the Sage® chemistry and materials framework for high performance modeling of bioreactions.
  • And much more in the mining, medical operations, banking and other fields.