Press Release : Sage Multi-Core and System Dynamics

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Highpoint Software Systems, LLC is a small and attentive decision-support technology firm in the upper midwest. We bring a ten-year history of modeling and simulation projects together with a strong work ethic, deep software expertise and reasonable rates to deliver a compelling and immensely positive customer experience.


We have almost fifteen years' in-depth experience with Microsoft's .Net framework as well as many related technologies and libraries, and can build stand alone decision support tools for you that are understandable, flexible and powerful, or we can create simulation and modeling infrastructure that integrates seamlessly with existent or new enterprise applications.


Above all, while we are skilled and experienced simulation engineers, we understand that you, the customer, define success and that the most sublime of unusable technical solutions is worthless, while a customer problem solved sufficiently well in a spreadsheet may be the best value.

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