Sage Modeling and Simulation Library

SmartPropertyBag Properties

The SmartPropertyBag type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public property HasChanged
True if this SPB has changed in any way since the last time it was snapshotted.
Public property IsLeaf
Indicates if this SPB is a leaf (whether it contains entries). Fulfills obligation incurred by implementing TreeNode.
Public property IsWritable
Indicates if write operations on this equipment are permitted.
Public property Item
Retrieves an entry from this SPB. Compound keys may be specified if appropriate. For example, if a bag, representing a pallet, were to contain another SPB under the key of "Crates", and that SPB contained one SPB for each crate (one of which was keyed as "123-45", and that SPB had a string keyed as "SKU" and another keyed as "Batch", then the following code would retrieve the SKU directly:
string theSKU = (string)myPallet["Crates.123-45.SKU"];
Public property Memento
Retrieves the memento of this SPB. Includes all state from this bag, other bags' aliased entries, and child bags, as well as the mementos from any entry that implements ISupportsMementos. Optimizations are applied such that a minimum of computation is required to perform the extraction.
Public property ReportsOwnChanges
True if this SPB is capable of reporting its own changes.