Sage Modeling and Simulation Library

IExecutive Properties

The IExecutive type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public property CurrentEventController
The DetachableEventController associated with the currently-executing event, if it was launched as a detachable event. Otherwise, it returns null.
Public property CurrentEventType
The type of event currently being serviced by the executive.
Public property CurrentPriorityLevel
The priority of the event currently being serviced.
Public property EventCount
The number of events that have been serviced on this run.
Public property EventList
Returns a read-only list of the ExecEvents currently in queue for execution. Cast the elements in the list to IExecEvent to access the items' field values.
Public property Guid
The Guid by which this executive is known.
Public property LastEventServed
If this executive has been run, this holds the DateTime of the last event serviced. May be from a previous run.
Public property LiveDetachableEvents
Returns a list of the detachable events that are currently running.
Public property Now
The current DateTime being managed by this executive. This is the 'Now' point of a simulation being run by this executive.
Public property RunNumber
The integer count of the number of times this executive has been run.
Public property State
The current state of this executive (running, stopped, paused, finished)