Sage Modeling and Simulation Library

MaterialService Properties

The MaterialService type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public property AutocreateMaterialCompartments
If true, this MaterialService will automatically create material compartments and provide them with an inexhaustible supply of material, if a material that was hitherto unknown is requested.
Public property Compartments
Returns a collection of MaterialResourceItem objects that represent the material compartments.
Protected property DeliveryCapacity
Public property Description
A description of this MaterialService.
Public property Guid
The Guid of this MaterialService.
Public property MaxDeliveryRate
The maximum kilograms per minute that this MaterialService can provide.
Public property Model
The Model to which this MaterialService belongs.
Public property Name
The name of this MaterialService.
Public property NumberOfServiceTokens
The number of clients this MaterialService can service at the same time.
Public property Ports
The PortSet that contains all ports currently registered with this MaterialService. The MaterialService will temporarily create and register ports with itself as needed to service charge/discharge requests.
Protected property ServiceTokens
Public property SupportedChannelInfo
Gets the names of supported port channels.
Public property Tag
Tag object is for holding user-specified references.