Sage Modeling and Simulation Library

Substance Properties

The Substance type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public property Static member ByMass
A comparer that compares this substance with another substance only by mass. Useful for sorting mixture contents.
Public property Static member ByMassThenName
A comparer that compares this substance with another substance by mass and then name. Useful for sorting mixture contents.
Public property Density
Gets the density of the material in kilograms per liter.
Public property HasChanged
Reports whether the object has changed relative to its memento since the last memento was recorded.
Public property IsWritable
Indicates if write operations on this equipment are permitted.
Public property LatentHeatOfVaporization
Latent heat of vaporization - the heat energy required to vaporize one kilogram of this material. (J/kg)
Public property Mass
Gets the mass of the material in kilograms.
Public property MaterialType
Gets the type of the material.
Public property Memento
Retrieves a memento from the substance, or reconstitutes it from a memento.
Public property Moles
Gets the number of moles of the substance. This requires that Molecular Weight be set in the appropriate material type.
Public property Name
The user-friendly name for this object.
Public property ReportsOwnChanges
Indicates whether this object can report memento changes to its parent. (Mementos can contain other mementos.)
Public property SpecificHeat
Gets the specific heat of the mixture, in Joules per kilogram degree-K.
Public property State
Gets or sets the material state of the substance.
Public property Tag
Gets or sets the tag, which is a user-supplied data element.
Public property Temperature
Gets or sets the temperature in degrees Celsius (internally, temperatures are stored in degrees Kelvin.)
Public property Volume
Gets the volume of the material in liters.