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MaterialType Properties

The MaterialType type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public property AntoinesLawCoefficients3
Public property AntoinesLawCoefficientsExt
Contains the nine coefficients for the extended form of antoine's law. These are expressed in
Public property Description
A description of this Material Type.
Public property EbullioscopicConstant
Gets or sets the ebullioscopy constant. Ebullioscopic constant (Eb) is the constant that expresses the amount by which the boiling point Tb of a solvent is raised by a solute, through the relation delta_Tb = i x Eb x b where i is the van ' Hoff factor, and b is the molality of the solute.
Public property EmissionsClassifications
Public property Guid
Public property HasChanged
True if this SPB has changed in any way since the last time it was snapshotted.
(Inherited from SmartPropertyBag.)
Public property IsLeaf
Indicates if this SPB is a leaf (whether it contains entries). Fulfills obligation incurred by implementing TreeNode.
(Inherited from SmartPropertyBag.)
Public property IsWritable
Indicates if write operations on this equipment are permitted.
(Inherited from SmartPropertyBag.)
Public property Item
Retrieves an entry from this SPB. Compound keys may be specified if appropriate. For example, if a bag, representing a pallet, were to contain another SPB under the key of "Crates", and that SPB contained one SPB for each crate (one of which was keyed as "123-45", and that SPB had a string keyed as "SKU" and another keyed as "Batch", then the following code would retrieve the SKU directly:
string theSKU = (string)myPallet["Crates.123-45.SKU"];
(Inherited from SmartPropertyBag.)
Public property LatentHeatOfVaporization
Returns the Latent Heat Of Vaporization of the material in Joules per Kilogram.
Public property Memento
Retrieves the memento of this SPB. Includes all state from this bag, other bags' aliased entries, and child bags, as well as the mementos from any entry that implements ISupportsMementos. Optimizations are applied such that a minimum of computation is required to perform the extraction.
(Inherited from SmartPropertyBag.)
Public property Model
The model that owns this object, or from which this object gets time, etc. data.
Public property MolecularWeight
Returns the molecular weight of the material.
Public property Name
Public property ReportsOwnChanges
True if this SPB is capable of reporting its own changes.
(Inherited from SmartPropertyBag.)
Public property SpecificGravity
Returns the specific gravity of the material in kilograms per liter.
Public property SpecificHeat
Returns the specific heat of the material in Joules per Kilogram-degree K.
Public property STPState
Gets or sets the state of the material at Standard Temperature and Pressure.
Public property Tag
Public property VanTHoffFactor
In physical chemistry, the van 't Hoff factor i is the number of moles of solute actually in solution per mole of solid solute added. Roughly, this is the number of ions a molecule of solute breaks into, when dissolved.