Sage Modeling and Simulation Library

MaterialResourceItem Properties

The MaterialResourceItem type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public property AccessRegulator
Gets or sets the access regulator, which is an object that can allow or deny individual ResourceRequests access to specified resources. Note - MaterialResourceItem does not support using an access regulator.
Public property Available
How much of this resource is currently available to service requests.
Public property Capacity
The current capacity of this resource - how much 'Available' can be, at its highest value.
Public property Description
A description of this MaterialResourceItem
Public property Guid
Public property InitialAvailable
The amount of material this MaterialResourceItem began with.
Public property InitialCapacity
The amount of capacity this MaterialResourceItem began with.
Public property InitialTemperature
The initial temperature of the material in this MaterialResourceItem.
Public property IsAtomic
Gets a value indicating whether this instance is atomic. And atomic resource is allocated all-or-none, such as a vehicle.
Public property IsDiscrete
Gets a value indicating whether this instance is discrete. A discrete resource is allocated in integral amounts, such as cartons or drums.
Public property IsPersistent
Gets a value indicating whether this instance is persistent. A persistent resource is returned to the pool after it is used.
Public property Manager
Gets or sets the manager of the resource.
Public property MaterialSpecificationGuids
Gets the collection of material specification guids. See the Material Specifications tech note.
Public property MaterialType
The type of the material this MRI holds.
Public property Model
The model that owns this object, or from which this object gets time, etc. data.
Public property Name
Public property PermissibleOverbook
The amount by which it is permissible to overbook this resource.
Public property Resources
Gets the resources owned by this Resource Manager.
Public property SupportsPrioritizedRequests
Gets a value indicating whether this resource manager supports prioritized requests. Note - MaterialResourceItem does not.
Public property Tag
Gets or sets the tag - an arbitrary object attached to this one.