Sage Modeling and Simulation Library

GenericPort Properties

The GenericPort type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public property Connector
The connector, if any, to which this port is attached. If there is already a connector, then the setter is allowed to set Connector to <null>. Thereafter, the setter will be permitted to set the connector to a new value. This is to prevent accidentally overwriting a connection in code.
Public property Description
The description for this object. Typically used for human-readable representations.
Public property Guid
The Guid for this object. Typically required to be unique.
Public property Index
The port index represents its sequence, if any, with respect to the other ports.
Public property Intrinsic
Gets and sets a value indicating whether this IPort is intrinsic. An intrinsic port is a hard-wired part of its owner. It is there when its owner is created, and cannot be removed.
Public property Key
Returns the key by which this port is known to its owner.
Public property Model
The model that owns this object, or from which this object gets time, etc. data.
Public property Name
The user-friendly name for this object.
Public property Owner
This port's owner.
Public property Peer
Returns the peer of this port. A port's peer is the port that is at the other end of the connector to which this port is attached, or null if there is no attached conenctor or if there is no port on the other end.
Protected property PortPrefix
Gets the default naming prefix for all ports of this type.