Sage Modeling and Simulation Library

PfcLink Properties

The PfcLink type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public property AggregateLinkType
A PfcLink is a part of one of these types of aggregate links, depending on the type of its predecessor or successor, and the number of (a) successors its predecessor has, and (b) predecessors its successor has.
Public property Description
The description for this SfcStep. Typically used for human-readable representations.
(Inherited from PfcElement.)
Public property ElementType
Gets the type of this element.
Public property Guid
The Guid for this SfcStep. Typically required to be unique.
(Inherited from PfcElement.)
Public property IsLoopback
Gets or sets a value indicating whether this link creates a loopback along one or more paths.
Public property Model
The model that owns this SfcStep, or from which it gets time, etc. data.
(Inherited from PfcElement.)
Public property Name
The user-friendly name for this SfcStep. Required to be unique if there is a Participant directory listing this element - which there will be, if the element is attached to a Pfc.
(Inherited from PfcElement.)
Public property Parent
The parent ProcedureFunctionChart of this node.
(Inherited from PfcElement.)
Public property Predecessor
Gets the predecessor IPfcNode to this Link node.
Public property Priority
Gets or sets the priority of this link. The higher the number representing a link among its peers, the higher priority it has. The highest-priority link is said to define the 'primary' path through the graph. Default priority is 0.
Public property SEID
Gets the SEID, or Source Element ID of this element. If the PFC of which this element is a member is cloned, then this SEID will be the Guid of the element in the source PFC that is semantically/structurally equivalent to this one.
(Inherited from PfcElement.)
Public property Successor
Gets the successor IPfcNode to this Link node.
Public property UserData
Gets or sets some piece of arbitrary user data. This data is (currently) not serialized.
(Inherited from PfcElement.)