Sage Modeling and Simulation Library

IPfcStepNode Properties

The IPfcStepNode type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public property Actions
Gets the actions associated with this PFC Step. They are keyed by ActionName, and are themselves, PFCs.
Public property EarliestStart
Gets or sets the earliest time that this element can start.
Public property LeafLevelAction
The executable action that will be performed if there are no PFCs under this step. By default, it will run the child Action PFCs in parallel, if there are any, and will return immediately if there are not.
Public property MyStepStateMachine
Gets the step state machine associated with this PFC step.
Public property Precondition
Gets or sets the precondition under which this step is permitted to start. If null, permission is assumed.
Public property RecipeSourceGuid
Returns the Guid of the element in the source recipe that is represented by this PfcStep.
Public property UnitInfo
Gets key data on the unit with which this step is associated. Note that a step, such as a recipe start step, or one added without such data, may not hold any unit data at all. In this case, the UnitInfo property will be null.