Sage Modeling and Simulation Library

Highpoint.Sage.Utility.Mementos Namespace

The Mementos namespace contains an implementation of a Memento pattern - that is, an object that implements ISupportsMememtos is capable of generating and maintaining mementos, which are representations of internal state at a given time that can be used to restore the object's internal state to a previous set of values. MementoHelper exists to simplify implementation of the ISupportsMememtos interface.


  Class Description
Public class MementoException
Public class MementoHelper
A class that will perform much of the bookkeeping required to implement the ISupportsMementos interface, including child management, change tracking and memento generation.


  Interface Description
Public interface IMemento
Implemented by any object that can act as a memento.
Public interface ISupportsMementos
Implemented by an object that supports Mementos.


  Delegate Description
Public delegate MementoChangeEvent
Implemented by a method that will listen for changes in the form or contents of a memento.
Public delegate MementoEvent