Sage Modeling and Simulation Library

Highpoint.Sage.Scheduling Namespace


  Class Description
Public class Milestone
Summary description for Milestone.
Public class Milestone..::..MilestoneMovementManager
Public class MilestoneAdjustmentException
Public class MilestoneRelationship
This is an abstract class from which all MilestoneRelationships are derived. A MilestoneRelationship represents a relationship between a dependent milestone such as "Oven Heatup Finishes" and an independent one such as "Bake Cookies." In this case, the relationship would be a MilestoneRelationship_GTE(heatupDone,startBaking); meaning that if the heatupDone milestone is changed, then the startBaking milestone will also be adjusted, if the change resulted in startBaking occurring before heatupDone.
Public class MilestoneRelationship_GTE
Ensures that the dependent is always at a greater-than-or-equal time to the independent.
Public class MilestoneRelationship_LTE
Ensures that the dependent is always at a less-than-or-equal time to the independent.
Public class MilestoneRelationship_Pin
Ensures that the independent milestone is not permitted to move.
Public class MilestoneRelationship_Strut
Ensures that the dependent is always at the same offset to the independent as when it was initially established.
Public class TimePeriod
Public class TimePeriodAdjustmentException
Public class TimePeriodEnvelope
Public class TimePeriodSorter
An implementer of IComparer<TimePeriod> that can be used to sort a collection of ITimePeriodReadOnly objects. The 'sortOnWhat' parameter allows the user to choose whether to sort on start time, duration or end time.


  Interface Description
Public interface IMilestone
Public interface IObservable
IObservable is implemented by an object that is capable of notifying others of its changes.
Public interface ISupportsCorrelation
Public interface ITimePeriod
Implemented by any object that embodies a time period.
Public interface ITimePeriodBase


  Delegate Description
Public delegate ObservableChangeHandler
Implemented in a method that is to be called after an observable. Do not respond to this notification by changing the whoChanged object, and be aware that it is not legal to update U/I elements on any but the thread on which they were created.
Public delegate TimePeriodChange


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration Milestone..::..ChangeType
Public enumeration RelationshipType
Describes the relationship between two milestones, a dependent and an independent.
Public enumeration TimeAdjustmentMode
Three ways of adjusting start, duration and end parameters on a time period. These three parameters are all dependent on each other, so when adjusting one of them, this enum tells us which of the other two should be held constant.
Public enumeration TimePeriod..::..ChangeType
Public enumeration TimePeriod..::..Relationship
Public enumeration TimePeriodPart
Declares the property that is being changed in a TimePeriodAdjustment. By examining the TimeAdjustmentMode of the target time period, the user can determine what changed/will change.