Sage Modeling and Simulation Library

Highpoint.Sage.Materials.Chemistry.VaporPressure Namespace


  Class Description
Public class AntoinesCoefficients3Impl
Antoine's coefficients which are expressed in °C and mmHg.
Public class AntoinesCoefficientsExt
Extended Antoine Coefficients are always, and only, specified in °C and mmHg.
Public class VaporPressureCalculator
Summary description for VaporPressureCalculator.
Public class VaporPressureException
MissingParameterException is thrown when a required parameter is missing. Typically used in a late bound, read-from-name/value pair collection scenario.


  Interface Description
Public interface IAntoinesCoefficients
Public interface IAntoinesCoefficients3
Public interface IAntoinesCoefficientsExt
Public interface IEmissionCoefficients
Determines if, in a certain situation, a set of coefficients, and therefore the calculation mechanism that uses those coefficients, can be used.