Sage Modeling and Simulation Library

TemperatureController..::..SetAmbientThermalConductance Method

This sets a value for thermal conductance between the outside environment (ambient) and the compartment containing the mixture in a vessl at a certain level. For example, SetAmbientThermalConductance(0.50,20) sets the thermal conductance to 20 Watts per degree kelvin difference between the outside air and the mixture, when the mixture fills the vessel to it's '30% FULL' line.

Namespace:  Highpoint.Sage.Materials.Thermodynamics
Assembly:  Sage4 (in Sage4.dll)


public void SetAmbientThermalConductance(
	double level,
	double val


Type: Double
Describes at what level (0.30 equates to 30% FULL) the datum is correct.
Type: Double
Thermal conductance, in Watts per degree kelvin.