Sage Modeling and Simulation Library

MaterialService..::..AddCompartment Method (IModel, Guid, ICollection, Double, Double, Double, Guid)

Adds a compartment for the specified material type and specifications. Creates a MaterialResourceItem which will be the provider and/or receiver of material of the specified type and specifications.

Namespace:  Highpoint.Sage.Materials
Assembly:  Sage4 (in Sage4.dll)


public void AddCompartment(
	IModel model,
	Guid materialTypeGuid,
	ICollection materialSpecifications,
	double initialQuantity,
	double initialTemp,
	double initialCapacity,
	Guid compartmentGuid


Type: Highpoint.Sage.SimCore..::..IModel
The model that contains the material catalog that holds the material type whose guid is listed below.
Type: Guid
The guid of the intended material type which will be in this compartment.
Type: ICollection
A Collection of guids, or a collection of DictionaryEntry objects for which the keys are guids. These guids represent the materialSpecs that characterize the material.
Type: Double
How many kilograms of this material will be in this compartment to begin with.
Type: Double
The initial temperature of the material in the new material compartment.
Type: Double
How many kilograms of the material this compartment will be able to hold.
Type: Guid
The guid that will identify this compartment.