Sage Modeling and Simulation Library

HeatModel..::..Heat Method

This model is used to calculate the emissions associated with the heating of a vessel or other piece of equipment containing a VOC and a non-condensable gas (nitrogen or air). The model assumes that the non-condensable gas, saturated with the VOC mixture, is emitted from the vessel because of (1) the expansion of the gas upon heating and (2) an increase in the VOC vapor pressure. The emitted gas is saturated with the VOC mixture at the exit temperature, the condenser or receiver temperature.

Namespace:  Highpoint.Sage.Materials.Chemistry.Emissions
Assembly:  Sage4 (in Sage4.dll)


public void Heat(
	Mixture initial,
	out Mixture final,
	out Mixture emission,
	bool modifyInPlace,
	double controlTemperature,
	double initialTemperature,
	double finalTemperature,
	double systemPressure,
	double vesselVolume


Type: Highpoint.Sage.Materials.Chemistry..::..Mixture
The mixture as it exists before the emission.
Type: Highpoint.Sage.Materials.Chemistry..::..Mixture%
The resultant mixture after the emission.
Type: Highpoint.Sage.Materials.Chemistry..::..Mixture%
The mixture emitted as a result of this model.
Type: Boolean
If true, then the initial mixture is returned in its final state after emission, otherwise, it is left as-is.
Type: Double
The control or condenser temperature, in degrees Kelvin.
Type: Double
The initial temerature of the mixture in degrees Kelvin.
Type: Double
The final temperature of the mixture in degrees Kelvin.
Type: Double
The pressure of the system (vessel) in Pascals.
Type: Double
The volume of the vessel, in cubic meters.