Sage Modeling and Simulation Library

ProcedureFunctionChart..::..GetCleanGuidMap Method

Gets a list of NewGuidHolder objects. After obtaining this list, go through it and for each NewGuidHolder, inspect the target object, determine the new Guid to be applied, and set it into the newGuidHolder.NewGuid property. After this, the entire list must be submitted to the ApplyGuidMap(myNewGuidHolderList); API, and the new guids will be applied.

Do not simply set the Guids on the objects. If, after setting a new guid, you want not to change the object's guid, you can set it to NewGuidHolder.NO_CHANGE, a special guid that causes the engine to skip that object in the remapping of guids.

Namespace:  Highpoint.Sage.Graphs.PFC
Assembly:  Sage4 (in Sage4.dll)


public List<ProcedureFunctionChart..::..NewGuidHolder> GetCleanGuidMap(
	bool deep


Type: Boolean
If true, steps' Action Pfc's will return their elements' guids, too.

Return Value

A list of NewGuidHolder objects associated with the IPfcElements in this Pfc.