Sage Modeling and Simulation Library

IProcedureFunctionChart..::..Delete Method

Deletes the specified node and its pair (preceding Step if it is a transition, succeeding transition if it is a step).
  • If either member of the pair being deleted has more than one predecessor and one successor, the delete attempt will fail - these other paths need to be deleted themselves first.
  • If neither node has multiple inputs or outputs, then they are both deleted, and a link is added from the transition preceding the deleted step to the step following the deleted transition.
  • If the node to be deleted is not connected to anything on either end, then the node is simply removed from Pfc data structures.

Namespace:  Highpoint.Sage.Graphs.PFC
Assembly:  Sage4 (in Sage4.dll)


bool Delete(
	IPfcNode node


Type: Highpoint.Sage.Graphs.PFC..::..IPfcNode
The node.

Return Value

True if the deletion was successful, false if it was not.