Sage Modeling and Simulation Library


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Welcome to the help file for Highpoint Software Systems' Sage Modeling and Simulation Library. Sage is an object oriented, open architecture .NET library, written in C# to enable architecting and designing solutions that incorporate subsystems with discrete event or agent-based simulation.

Offline Copy

You may download a copy of the help file here: Offline Sage Help File .

Note: if the downloaded CHM file won't run, try right-clicking on it and selecting properties. You will see an "Unblock" button. Click on it, it should solve your problem.

How to Learn Sage

We assume that you are familiar with C#, including the concepts and practice of object oriented design, delegates and generics.

Sage is a large library with a broad reach. In order to learn it most quickly, we recommend you start with the Key Concepts and Namespace Guide pages.