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highpoint software systems, llc offers an object-oriented simulation library called
sage as well as consulting on modeling and simulation software development.

our primary business is to build useful and usable decision support (modeling or simulation) software. toward that end, we design and build solutions for plugging into new or existing enterprise systems and applications.

properly designed and integrated into relevant applications (which, of course, we can also build), our work products can grow and provide increasing value over the years.

our expertise is in both simulation and quality software engineering - most of our key staff are not only simulation software engineers, but are also six-sigma trained.


development services

third generation library

sage� is our third-generation object oriented simulation class library and framework. it is written in c# for the .net platform, and consists of 200+ classes, 80+ interfaces, and more than 25,000 lines of code. it was designed by a software engineer with 25 years' software experience, 14 years' experience writing simulations and simulation engines, 12 years' object-oriented architecture and development,  and certification as a microsoft certified solution developer.

sage� is built on microsoft's .net foundation, so you will have the full power of that framework at hand. integrate excel spreadsheets, create a designer in visio, expose your simulation as a web service or .net native service, and tap the vast windows development market for components and non-simulation professional services.

and remember, it's just code, in .net! use intellisense, your source code control system, your issue tracking system, components and tools of choice, your own development methodologies. it is a seamless and first class member of your .net development project, with all that means.

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open architecture on

the sage� framework is built as an open architecture library on microsoft's capable .net technology base. you can have full visibility into the entire depth of the framework, allowing you to seamlessly integrate it into your development process.

sage� class diagram

esoteric tools and technologies are expensive in many ways. when you can, you should avoid them. when you can�t, you should contain them.

sage� allows you to do both.

wide range of services

we provide simulation modeling services in discrete, continuous and mixed-mode event simulation, mathematical modeling, and general computer simulation - either full custom or semi custom.

in addition to general simulation, we have experience with manufacturing, supply chain, business and process modeling and financial services. through patterns and framework best practices, we can use our libraries and experience to construct (or help you construct) your decision support/simulation  application, plug-in, or service.

we can provide a range of services from working remotely and delivering a turnkey solution, to coming on site and working with your team in a coworker or mentoring role.

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