Press Release : Sage Multi-Core and System Dynamics

Sage 4.0 Released under GNU Affero GPL Open Source License
Highpoint Software Systems, LLC, is pleased to announce the upcoming release of its Multi-core Parallel Simulation Execution library and its limited XMILE (System Dynamics) import engine.

August 25th, 2018 : Highpoint Software Systems, LLC

Highpoint Software Systems recently completed development of a multi-core parallel execution library. This library, and its accompanying sample code, will soon be added to the Github project, and shows execution of one very large simulation across multiple cores, with look-ahead and time-warp capabilities.

Additionally, we will soon release an import engine that generates Sage-compatible code from XMILE specifications (which can be exported from most first-tier SD design studios.) Now you can truly develop and deploy mixed-mode simulations on Sage.

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