Press Release : Sage Multi-Core and System Dynamics

Sage 4.0 Released under GNU Affero GPL Open Source License
Highpoint Software Systems, LLC, is pleased to announce general availability of its open-sourced Sage® Modeling and Simulation Library, licensed under the GNU Affero GPL.

December 5th, 2016 : Highpoint Software Systems, LLC

Sage, version 4.0, is built on 25,000 lines of C# source code (plus samples and test code) with fifteen-plus years of stabilization behind it, and has features supporting a wide range of simulation and modeling domains.

This library provides support for general purpose Discrete Event, Agent-Based, Block-and-Wire, and other modeling application types. (We’ve even built a System Dynamics engine on it.) It focuses ONLY on the simulation piece – doing it well, and integrating well. There are plenty of best-in-breed, well-supported industry workhorses  like WPF, AWS or Azure, SQL Server, ANTLR, MATLAB, test frameworks, Version Control Systems, etc, etc, etc, that do the rest of what's important to an application.

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